Dragon Cheese Supports Welsh Rugby

South Caernarfon Creameries’ Dragon Cheese is supporting all the Ladies Welsh Rugby Union Team home after match dinners. The Oldest Dairy Co-operative in Wales provided Dragon Cheese for the France and Scotland dinners.

Dragon Cheese will provide the ladies with plenty of essential vitamins and minerals.

  • Cheese is an excellent source of nutrients; it contains useful amounts of protein, vitamins and other minerals which are good for your body.
  • A small matchbox-sized piece of Cheddar contains as much calcium as a third of a pint of milk; about 30% of the recommended daily calcium intake for adults
  • Cheese is a good source of vitamin A which keeps skin and eyes healthy and our defence system working properly

We are delighted to support our home team and the Welsh ladies and will be cheering them on this weekend when they play Scotland at the Talbot Stadium!