Lidl UK

Lidl UK, Good Housekeeping’s ‘Best Supermarket 2016’ has introduced a new range of Welsh Cheddar cheese under Lidl’s ‘Valley Spire’ brand. The new product will be available exclusively in Wales and the product selection is supplied by South Caernarfon Creameries having recently agreed a new contract with Lidl UK.

South Caernarfon Creamerie will provide authentic Welsh Cheddar to Lidl and also continue to supply the grocer with a Mature Cheddar from our own brand, Dragon, in Lidl’s Welsh stores.

This is the first time Lidl has stocked an exclusively Welsh cheese range in Wales, complementing the other regional cheeses currently offered in stores. All of Lidl’s Valley Spire cheeses will be made using our Farmer Member Welsh milk produced in and around North and Mid Wales.

The range will include specialties such as: Welsh Mild Cheddar, Welsh Medium Cheddar, Welsh Mature Cheddar and Welsh Extra Mature Cheddar.

Nick Beadman, National Account Manager at South Caernarfon Creameries said: “We are extremely pleased to be supplying Lidl with its first Welsh Cheddar range to be sold nationally. Having recently opened our new cheese production facility at the Creamery, this new relationship with Lidl is significant for both our co-operative as well as the local economy. Working with a retailer like Lidl enables us to grow our stakeholders’ confidence for the future of our business, so we would like to thank Lidl for its continued support and look forward to a long working relationship with the supermarket.”

Joshua Smith, Senior Buying Manager at Lidl said: “Extending our range to include Welsh Cheddar was an important and natural progression. South Caernarfon Creameries produce authentic Welsh quality products, which gives our Valley Spire range local provenance. We are incredibly proud that two thirds of the products that we permanently stock in our stores are sourced from British suppliers, including a number of Welsh suppliers with whom we have very strong relationships and remain part of our commitment to championing local farmers.”