Century of Service

We have committed and loyal staff at SCC and four have just reached a century of service

South Caernarfon Creameries is proud to be a key employer in the local area, but never more than when members of staff reach notable milestones. We have committed and loyal staff at SCC and four have just reached, between them, a century of service for the Company, 25 years each.

Bryn Davies, Supply Chain Manager joined the business in November 1995 for 2-weeks to cover sick leave and, in his own words, is “still waiting for them to come back!”. Originally from Chwilog, now living in Pwllheli, Bryn’s first role was bottling milk in the Dairy; he worked his way up to be Team Leader and then Dairy Manager. When the Dairy closed he moved on to be Operations Support Manager before being appointed Prepack Manager. Bryn explained that in his current role as Supply Chain Manager, “I’m there mainly to support the evolving and expanding prepack operation. I interact closely with all departments at SCC and suppliers to manage stocks and meet demands. I enjoy working with different people to resolve issues”.

Meic Roberts, Prepack Team Leader has always worked in the prepack department and when he joined the Company in 1994 said “I never thought I’d still be here 25 years later”. His first memories of work at SCC is waxing truckles for Christmas and today he’s responsible for running the lines and overseeing the day to day operations. Meic has no plans for a career change and says that he looks forward to continuing working for SCC in the future.

Keith Crews, Prepack Operator is a Llangybi lad and has lived in Pentreuchaf and Penrhos, but Pwllheli has been home for the last 22 years. He joined SCC for a short period in 1993 then returned in 1995 and hasn’t looked back since. Keith started working in the cheese department and then moving to the Dairy, Stores and Prepack respectively. His preferred task over the years has been waxing cheese and he enjoys delivering and collecting the famous Cavern Cheese to and from Llechwedd. After 25 years Keith said, “I’m happy working for SCC and want to continue working for SCC”.

Keith is a dedicated cycler and remarkably he has cycled to and from work every day for 25 years in all weathers; 37,600 miles! One of his best memories was winning a charity bike ride organised by SCC and he was very proud to have “cycled 20 miles to finish at Twnti pub Rhydyclafdy before others had even cycled 10 miles!”

Finally, Ken Jones, Prepack Operator lives in Pentrefelin and he “can’t believe how the years have flown by and I hope that SCC will continue to employ local people in the future”. Ken explained, “I do anything that needs to be done really aand there’s lots of fun and laughter to be had with the guys”.

Alan Wyn Jones, Managing Director said "Our people are committed and loyal and we're grateful to them for their contribution, hard work and commitment to the company and we hope they will stay with us for many years to come. SCC's continuing growth and success has been built on a loyal and adaptable workforce and that will continue into the future."