The Royal Highness Prince of Wales

These are the kind words of TRH Prince of Wales when he officially opened the new cheese production facility at South Caernarfon Creameries.

“Both my wife and I are so pleased to have this opportunity of joining you on this really rather important occasion to open this new creamery. Having eaten our way around this part of Wales during the morning, starting with deep fried lobster and delicious Welsh cakes, a nice spot of cheddar was just what was needed.

So if I may say so I’m thrilled to see how this co-operative has lasted from 1938 which just showed how far-sighted people were at that time and how that co-operative of dairy farmers has held together over all these years. As was just said I have a particular interest in ensuring that the family farm structure continues in this country, apart from anything else I believe it is absolutely crucial for food security. So many of you here today come from families who have been involved in farming, particularly dairy farming, for generations, and I know too just how many and difficult are the challenges you face on a daily basis – the price of milk and all of the other complications. But I do hope that this particular venture, the adding of value to your products, your primary product, into cheese and butter can make just that bit of difference to your continuing operations.

So nothing would give me greater pleasure than to open this new creamery which I’ve at least had a chance to look at and I wanted to use the opportunity to congratulate all those who put so much into building it and particularly if I may say so those remarkable plumbers who have made it work. I hope that you have many more years of successful operation, particularly in selling vast quantities of cheese to Sainsburys for a very long time.

Ladies and gentleman, nothing gives greater pleasure than unveiling the plaque and open the Creamery.”