TV Advertising

We are delighted to have launched our new TV advertising and social media campaign to raise awareness across Wales that our Dragon cheeses are made with 100% Welsh milk.

We are very happy that we have now launched our new television advert and social media campaign to raise awareness across Wales that all our Dragon cheeses, 100%, are made with Welsh milk.

It was launched to coincide with St David's Day 1st March with the tag line ' proud to be Welsh '. A young girl, Efa Roberts a pupil at Ysgol Tryfan Bangor is the face of the campaign.

The advert is being broadcast on the eve of the Big day on 1st March to celebrate the fact that Dragon cheese is made locally here in Chwilog with milk that is 100% Welsh and from our 129 member farms across North and Mid Wales.

This is the second advertisement for Efa Serennu for South Caernarfon Creameries following the re-branding of our Dragon cheese brand as the business continues to expand its customer base in Wales. The first advert was released in October last year with EFA and her ' father ' on screen, one of our members John Hughes of Ynysgain near Criccieth.

For the second advert Efa visited Rhyd-y-Grug Welsh medium Primary School in Aberfan, Merthyr Tydfil with our film crew to read a comeback about why she was so proud of her dad. We also campaign on social media to encourage people to share #whatmakesyouproud.

Alan Wyn Jones, Managing director said:

"We are very pleased that the business owners are our member farmers and that they are all Welsh, and that all our cheeses are made with Welsh milk. We wanted to celebrate that on the eve of St David's Day when we were recruiting more Welsh farmers and expanding our Dragon cheese sales to supermarkets across Wales and the international markets. "

"The story behind the advertising campaign has been created to celebrate pride in Welshness, family values and good local produce, all of which reflect our ethos as a company. It was important for us to involve local people in the campaign and Efa is fantastic in the main part. We've been producing Welsh cheese in Wales for eight decades and we believe this is something we should be proud of. "